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What makes a great golf swing? Many of the teaching professional I know, say that a great golf swing is the one that puts a ball where you want it to be. Now that's a simple straightforward answer to an age old question. But it does make one point. that is everybody's golf swing is different.

Each golfers swing has it's own advantages. Each has it's own deficiencies, even in the pros. The same can be said about golf clubs - no two are exactly alike. They have different weight, different shaft, sweet spots are at different places, and on and on

"Every club has its center of gravity, what you want to do is have it at the same place every time. but most clubs that doesn't happen. although with Green Grass because of their new design, that there will be the same center of gravity in all clubs."

"If you adjust your club to have high center of gravity, you going to have low ball fly. If you adjust your club to have low center of gravity, you going to have high ball fly. and that is this game improvement design is doing now."

Proper fitting of the club start at repetitive 6 iron shots for as many as 26 different clubs. this allows the golfer to be measured for the accuracy and distance. With these measurements, clubs can be custom made to accommodate all the golfers swing deficiency.

"I think that's the whole purpose of the forgiveness level is much higher in these clubs."

Even the best golf swing aren't alike. And the club design has it's inconsistency too. There are imitators and innovators. Even the good innovators aren't addressing the golfer's true needs. The solution to a faulty swing is a golf instrument capable of compensating for swing deficiency. Green grass Golf has unique Kinetic Energy Transfer System to provide custom adjustable weighting methods. By measuring individual golfer's swing, Green Grass can provide specially weighted clubs by using the power of gravity to correct the faulty swing.

So the answer to your problem swing might not be in the mechanic at all. It might be in your club. To talk to your local PGA professional about this exciting innovation.


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