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Throughout our lives we have gone under and over many bridges. Few of us realize that the arch bridge design found in many bridges can distribute the load evenly throughout the entire bridge area. The loaded weight (or force) is transferred to the two ends of the bridge support evenly creating a balance. Green Grass ® Golf Corporation is the first company to incorporate this concept into the Arched Bridge ® Putter. We are pleased to treat you as a first class customer by letting you feel our arched bridge design putter free of charge.

With our patented designed putter (US Patent # 5,499,814) (Des. 388,897) in your hands we are confident that you will feel the stroke balance you are looking for. Our unique putter face looks like a dolphin's profile curved to fit your stance.

This ARCHED BRIDGE ® putter conforms with USGA rules.
(Decision: 97-162)

Technical data on our putter:
Made in three degree loft
Triple bend offset shaft design
Epoxy mixed composite insert plate
Computer milled face to ensure flatness
Bio-Stroke balance technique to bring the equipment error to zero

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