Green Grass® Golf presents
the Sneaky Long® II Driver

When the name of the game is distance,
the name on the driver should be Sneaky Long®.


The Sneaky Long® II represents much more than a new golf club design - it combines today's material with tomorrow's engineering. The Sneaky Long ® II is the first and only club in the world utilizing a non-welded/locking design, which consists of an internal reinforcing element (optional) and a deflectable face plate. A unique, mechanically compressed joint is established where the insert face meets the club head. This allows the two materials to be locked together without welding. From an engineering standpoint, this design offers many advantages over the traditional methods clubs are made. What's more important, though, is what these advantages offer you.

So many of today's composite and metal clubs seriously lack in responsive feel and consistent performance. Sneaky Long® II's patented 6A4V Titanium face (Patent # 5,499,814) (Re.35,955) provides a natural metallurgy effect, while retaining the compression of the ball. This superior design results in a consistent and more comfortable feel with a solid sound at impact. Even more, the lightweight 6A4V Ti insert face provides equal weight distribution across the perimeter of the club head, resulting in a very forgiving sweet spot.

Unique air foil design.

There are many factors that determine how far the ball will travel when it is struck by a golf club. All these factors add up to a near simultaneous transfer of energy. From the shaft. To the club head. To the ball. All being generated by the golfer's swing - already known to reach speeds in excess of 100 m.p.h. Consistent with club head speed, is the intense air turbulence generated by the club face. Sneaky Long® II incorporates an air foil design at the toe and crown that effectively reduce the ground effect and down wash. As a result, you will experience greater control over the club and increased club head speed.

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