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Defying the Law of Gravity

The center of gravity (c.g.). A single point on the putter head.

When this point is lined up with the golf ball at impact, the maximum amount of energy is released. Every putter on the market has a fixed center of gravity. It would be unheard of to actually be able to change the center of gravity on a putter! But we have done the unthinkable. The center of gravity on Green Grass Sigma & Theta Putter can be changed by changing the weight plates, thus drastically shifting the center of gravity toward the toe or toward the heel of the putter.
-- Sigma Putter image (80,327 bytes)
-- Theta Putter image (56,312 bytes)

You can change the center of gravity to match your own style of putt by redistributing the weight on the putter head without adding extra weight. It is truly a remarkable breakthru in the golf club industry.

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New Concept

K.E.T.S. (Kinetic Energy Transfer System)
is a Patented (US Patent # 5,297,794) custom adjustable weighting system that helps to prevent the push or pull of the putt. When the ball is at impact with the putter's face, the force goes through the milled face and reaches the twin plate. Then the force is transferred back from our patented K.E.T.S. twin weight plate whose weight is min. or same as the golf ball. Finally the force is transferred to the ball and then the ball is rolling away from the club face.
-- Sigma Putter and plates image (39,925 bytes)
-- Theta Putter and plates image (45,204 bytes)

Due to the drastic shift of weight toward the toe or heel, the result of the equipment tends to prevent the pushing or pulling the putt.

The Quasi Bore ® ( US Patent # 5,280,923 ) thru shaft stop at end of putter sole for the Theta putter. This putter shaft is a single bend and over the hosel bonding behind the c.g.. When the pendulum swing occurs it pushes the ball instead of hitting the ball thus giving a very soft, yet solid feeling.

The Sigma putter shaft is end above the putter face. When the pendulum swing occurs the Sigma putter leads the putter toward the ball. Because of the K.E.T.S. Twin plate located at back of the putter face, the feeling of the putt is very solid and responds to your hand immediately.

The pendulum balance is adapted to the clock pendulum swing. We believe the putter when balanced with your finger, the toe of the putter should point up (the putter face is perpendicular with the earth). The putter face points up and we believe no one would like to putt toward the sky. The pendulum swing machine proves our putter face always point toward the direction of swing.

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Two weights are identical and tapered with one end thicker or heavier than the other end - both combine for a weight equal to that of a golf ball (45 grams). Weights are secured by two set screws. Adjustments cannot be made during course play - consult a professional on selecting the configuration that balances best with your style of play:

Sigma Habit Correction--Click [Sigma] to get drawing (18,761 bytes)
Preventing push or pull
Theta Habit Correction--Click [Theta] to get drawing (31,152 bytes)
Preventing push or pull by moving weight plates from center to toe or heel

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