Green Grass Golf Corp. will continue to participate in every important golf equipment shows.It will be a great opportunity for everyone interested in our product to see, feel and test drive our clubs. Come to visit us when you are in the neighborhood ... ;-)

1998/99 Golf Equipment Shows

o 1997 PCS Exhibit - Louisville, KY
o 2000 PGA Merchandise Show - Orlando, FL
o TRICOM 'SPORTS TIME' Show - Public TV Networks

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The PCS International Symposium and Expo.

Booth # 612
Kentucky fair and exposition center
Louisville, KY
Oct. 9-13, 1997
-- If you interested here is the
1996 show floor (37,401 byte)

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The PGA 2000 Merchandise Show

Booth# 453
Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, Florida
Feb. 4 - Feb. 7, 2000
... Here are few pictures of our booth of 99

picture 1 (12k), picture 2 (12k),
picture 3 (12k), picture 4 (12k),
MPEG view (192k),

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A 2-minute segment which concentrate on CUSTOM Swing/Flex Matching Plus Head design with Habit Correction. aired during 1996. Participating Networks include USA Network, WWOR, Discovery Transponder, CNBC, Foxnet, SCIFI, Lifetime, The Family Channel, The Learning Channel and Main Street.

Tricom Infomercial

Green Grass Golf Equipment

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How to contact us

If you got few minutes please visit our [Guest Book]

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    Snail mail: Green Grass Golf Corp.
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           FAX: 516-935-7064

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