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Sneaky Long complete drawing
  Defying the Law of Gravity

The center of gravity (c.g.). A single point in the metalwood head.

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Sneaky Long compensation
  When this point is lined up with the golf ball at impact, the maximum amount of energy is
released. The location affects the trajectory of the ball's flight pattern. Traditionally the
c.g. is located at the center of the wood head.

Our research indicate that by moving the c.g. a little behind the traditional location
will provide more forgiveness and compensation on misaligned hits.

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Sneaky Long c.g. shifting
  Every wood on the market has a fixed center of gravity. It would be unheard of to actually
be able to change the center of gravity on a wood! But we have done the unthinkable. The
center of gravity on Green Grass Sneaky Long wood can be changed by rearranging
the weight plates, thus shifting the center of gravity toward the toe or toward the heel
of the wood head.

You can change the center of gravity to match your own style of swing by redistributing the
weight on the wood head without adding extra weight. It is a truly remarkable breakthru in
the golf club industry.

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New Concept

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Sneaky Long Wood and plates
  K.E.T.S. (Kinetic Energy Transfer System)[KETS]

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Sneaky Long K.E.T.S. operations
 It is a Patented (US Patent # 5,297,794) custom adjustable weighting system that helps to fit
your personal swing style and give you the max. energy release after impact. We also
adapt the concept of Dalton's principle in an idea gas model (PV=nRT) and

Pascal's principle in fluid model (PA=F) on to our Sneaky Long wood. When the ball is at
impact with the wood's striking face, the force goes through the sealed air as media and
reaches the back wall of the wood head. Then the force is transferred back from our
patented K.E.T.S. twin weight plate whose weight is min. or same as the golf ball.
Finally the force is transferred to the ball and then the ball is rocketed from the
club face.

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Sneaky Long Quasi Bore
® image
 The impact energy will not disburse through the shaft toward the golfer's hand. The result is
a much better feel and greatly reduces the possibility of joint sores.

The Quasi Bore ® (US Patent # 5,280,923 ) thru shaft stop at sole plate. The shaft
is cut at an angle and secured into the very end of the wood sole plate. Example, it's just like
wearing a shoe, the feet fits securely into the shoe and the angular shaft fits securely into the
angular sole plate.

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Two weights are identical and tapered with one end thicker or heavier than the other end - both
combine for a weight equal to that of a golf ball (45 grams). Weights are secured by two set
screws. Adjustments cannot be made during course play - consult a professional on selecting
the configuration that balances best with your style of play:

Heavy/Light weight-- Click [Balanced] to get the drawing (11,377 bytes)
weight is in center or middle of wood
Heavy/Heavy in toe--- Click [Toe] to get the drawing (9,170 bytes)
weight helps the wood to draw or fade the ball. It depends on the golfer's swing style.
Heavy/Heavy in heel-- Click [Heel] to get the drawing (9,011 bytes)
weight helps the wood to fade or draw the ball. It depends on the golfer's swing style.

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Sneaky Long Delta Plate


  • Driver material is Ti-6Al-4Va with loft either 9 or 10 degree.
  • Our club conforms with USGA rules
  • Other utility woods (#3,4,5,7,9)are available in 17-4 stainless steel
  • Shafts are Brunswick FiberMatrix with choice of FCM level 4.5, 5.5 and 6.5.
  • Extra replacement weights and screws are available
  • A Delta shaped weight can be used to raise the center of gravity to obtain low trajectory shots.
    It is included with the Driver only.

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