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Introductory offer for K.E.T.S. ® Utility Irons

KETS #1 Iron, #2 Iron, SPW Wedge


Specifications of Utility Irons (All shafts are light-weight steel shaft with half cord dimple style grips)

#1 Iron:

Loft=17 degrees,
Lie=55 degrees,
Offset=7 mm,
Swing weight=D1

#2 Iron:

Loft=18 degrees,
Lie=56 degrees,
Offset=6.5 mm,
Swing weight=D1

SPW Wedge:

Loft=55 degrees,
Lie=64 degrees,
Offset=0 mm,
Swing weight=D7

All Utility Irons are genuinely U.S patented (K.E.T.S. ® U.S patent #5,297,794 and Quasi Bore ® U.S patented #5,280,923)

All Irons come with Delta plates, set screws and washers (For details about these unique features, please go to the Green Grass Golf K.E.T.S. Iron Homepage)


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