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"...more spring power and compensation on misaligned hits."


Within the past few years, the composition of the golf club head has played an important roll in the golf equipment field. The metallic make up of the golf head can considerably affect the distance a golfer can achieve. The USGA has rules to control the “spring like effect” on drivers to preserve the spirit of playing golf

There is a tremendous difference between the swing speed generated by a professional golfer and that of an average one. A professional golfer can gain 300 yards with a single swing, but the average golfer may only achieve 180 yards with the same golf club. Currently the USGA sets a limiting factor on the type of metal the golf head can be comprised of. The USGA allows for a certain “spring like effect” on the surface of the golf club. If the surface is deemed too bouncy, then the club is considered to be an illegal club

Our patent Re. 35,955 is a structure utility patent which uses TWO layers of metal as the striking face. The two layers of metal have a thin space between them. Basically, one layer “helps” the other when it is needed. The 1st layer will be pushed back and spring the ball forward. When the average golfer swings a golf club, the club head speed is low. To help the golfer’s low club head speed, our Dual Wall® driver’s 1st layer will help spring the ball and gain more distance while still conforming to USGA rules. When a golf professional swings our Dual wall® driver, the 1st layer caves in more so than the average golfer and actually contacts the 2nd layer (forged Titanium layer). The space between the two layers and the 2nd layer will absorb the “spring like effect” which conforms the club to USGA rules.

Our Dual wall® Sneaky Long® driver is made of a forged Titanium shell with two insert layers that conforms with patent Re. 35,955. The size of the head is 320cc (conforms to USGA rules). Head weight is about 195 grams. Our driver is 45.5 inches long with a D4 swing weight. Total club total weight is 325 grams. Our loft is 10 degree

The club head is brilliantly designed with striking colors and lines

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"After extensive research in the weighting aspect of golf equipment, I believe you are on the right track with variable weight..."
-- Peter, Golf Instructor, Connecticut


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